What is the taxonomy code for physical therapy

What is the taxonomy code for physical therapy?

The Health Care Provider Taxonomy code is a one-of-a-kind ten-character alphanumeric code. Provider Grouping, Classification, and Area of Specialization are the three levels that make up the code set.

It is a code that allows you to identify your specialty to an insurance payer (e.g., Speech-Language Pathologist or Physical Therapist).

Who Needs Taxonomy Code?

Taxonomy code searches are assigned at both the individual provider and organizational provider level. You must have a Taxonomy code if you are a health care practitioner and want to enroll in the Medicare programme and become a Medicare provider to file claims.

To get started, you’ll need a National Provider Identifier number (NPI), which you can get by completing out the NPI application form, which will ask for your Taxonomy code, which reflects your area of expertise.

A Taxonomy code is required for any health care provider, as well as organizations wishing to become Medicare providers.

Healthcare Taxonomy Code lookup

Use the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC) code set list to discover the taxonomy code that best describes your provider type, categorization, or specialization.

What is the taxonomy code for physical therapy?

Taxonomy Code 225100000X > Physical Therapist.  Taxonomy codes have three distinct levels: Level I is the provider type, Level II is Classification, and Level III is the Area of Specialization.

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