How do I find my taxonomy code

How do I find my taxonomy code?

What is taxonomy code?

A taxonomy code is a ten-character identifier that identifies your categorization and area of expertise. When applying for a National Provider Identifier, often known as an NPI, you’ll need this code.

As a provider, do I need to know my taxonomy code?

Yes, if you want to become a Medicare provider.

You must first enroll in the Medicare programme in order to become a Medicare provider and file Medicare claims.

You must have an NPI in order to enroll. In order to obtain an NPI, you must include the taxonomy code that corresponds to your classification and specialization in your application.

Where do I find my taxonomy code?

  1. You should go to the NPI Registry website. Visit 
  2. Click Search after entering your NPI number in the form.

Enter in Taxonomy Code

  1. Click on Billing in the Primary Navigation Bar
  2. Click Add New Insurer or Edit an existing one.
  3. Click +Additional ID
  4. Select the Qualifier, Location, Staff Member/Organization, and enter ID Number. Click Save.

How can I access the taxonomy code data set?

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has produced a crosswalk of taxonomy codes that connects the categories of providers and suppliers who are eligible to apply for Medicare enrollment with the relevant Healthcare Provider Taxonomy Codes. View the entire data set at, where you may choose from a variety of download formats.

How often are taxonomy codes updated?

In January and July of each year, the code set is published and released.

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